Revolution Furniture Corp (RFC) is your manufacturing partner. We are about simplicity, innovation, value and great design. The principals of RFC have years of experience in every area of our business from design to manufacturing, from retail to hospitality. A key component in our ability to provide real value is the full ownership and management of our private factory. Our plant is located in Central Java, Indonesia. When we built our plant more than 10 years ago, we did so to western standards. We recruited American designers and manufacturing talent to build a smart, innovative facility using lean manufacturing principles. Today, we manufacture private label products for national/regional retailers, supply lifestyle retail stores, and the design community both residential and contract/hospitality. Our home office is located in Los Angeles. We can handle all pre and post production details in the US or if appropriate at the factory in Indonesia. Final engineering is done at our plant with our full spectrum of development capabilities. Our goal is to make your business easier by providing you with a dependable and experienced manufacturing partner so that you can excel at your core competencies and let us support you. Our web site and digital catalog have been developed to give you all the product information you need with ease. Please contact us with any inquires or questions.