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We design and Manufacture exclusive private label products for some of the best retail and wholesale suppliers. Production ranges from high end, to high volume. Designs range from modern to traditional, from metals to woods, to natural materials and fabrics. Why work the trade show circuit for product anyone can buy, when we can customize exactly what you want at the product cost and margin you need? Creating custom packages to satisfy market demand and your overall needs is our specialty.

Our growth in private label products stems from our partnership approach and commitment to quality, profitability and reliability. To us, it’s about a successful, sustainable program, and following through so our clients are satisfied with the final product. Our factory is founded on strong engineering and lean manufacturing principles. Every item is fully engineered and tested by us.

This allows us to effectively develop a high value program driven by your specific retail needs, targets and demographic. We have created a simple product development process that requires no travel on your part.

We can assure you our program will help you differentiate yourself and create unbeatable value for your customers. The ultimate result is more market share with better margins for your business. No agent or brokering entity is involved.

To learn more about how we can help, contact RFC at 310-444-4949 x223.

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